Our Mission

Contribute to an informed and active citizenry by supporting programs that promote literacy and educational enrichment within communities served by Swift Communications.

Examples include programs that promote:

  • Literacy, reading and writing skills
  • Programs in the languages, sciences and interdisciplinary areas

2019 Grants

We are accepting applications for grants through February 15, 2019.  Please apply by filling out the form you can link to from the “Apply” menu choice after reviewing the Frequently Asked Questions, Requirements and other information available under the “Information” menu choice.

If you apply relatively early in the process we will have time to answer questions and to ask for additional information that would be helpful.  The closer we get to the February 15 deadline the less time we have for that.  Good luck, and thanks for all that you do in your communities!

Our Objectives

The Bessie Minor Swift Foundation awards grants to programs that provide direct service to:

  • help with the implementation or expansion of literacy programs for children who are below grade level or experiencing difficulty reading
  • develop reading and writing skills at all age levels
  • develop programs in the  languages, STEM and STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics) for preschool, primary and secondary school-aged students

Congratulations to our 2018 Grant Recipients

In 2018 36 organizations receiving $80, 986.  For more information about the recipients visit the 2018 page under Grant History on the menu.  Since inception 281 grants have been awarded for over $530,000, as follows:

Grant History Through 2018

Those grants have fallen into the following categories:

Grant numbers since inception 2018

While grants have been primarily given for Language programs in the past, STEM and Interdisciplinary projects are definitely on the rise.