12 grants were awarded for a total of $19,300.

The recipients were:

South Tahoe Middle School
South Lake Tahoe, CA
$900 for a small group to travel to the Bay Area to study art

Sierra House Elementary School
South Lake Tahoe, CA
$1,300 to purchase books and writing software for the “Just the Facts” literacy program

Bijou Community School
South Lake Tahoe, CA
$2,000 to purchase children’s books for a volunteer afterschool read-aloud mentoring program

Bijou Community School
South Lake Tahoe, CA
$1,200 to purchase readers in Spanish  for a 2nd grade Two-Way Immersion program.

Altrusa International, USA
Roseburg, OR
$2,000 to provide programs for schools and families to develop children’s’ interest in reading

Umpqua Community College
Roseburg, OR
$2,000 for reading centers in four classrooms to encourage independent reading in young students

Milliken Elementary School
Milliken, CO
$2,000 to purchase a Promethean Interactive Whiteboard for a 4th grade classroom

Greeley Central High School
Greeley, CO
$2,000 for a multimedia projector and laptop for the English and Journalism department

Superintendent, Weld County School District 6
Greeley, CO
$2,000 to establish a district-wide program providing a weekend take-home “book-pack”

Dos Rios Elementary School
Evans, CO
$2,000 to purchase materials to increase literacy and reading comprehension in reading, science and math

Stryker Institute for Leadership Development
Greeley, CO
$700 to fund a program bridging the gap between literacy and self-esteem for at-risk first generation middle school girls with a desire to go to college

Platte Valley Elementary School
Kersey, CO
$1,200 to fund parent literacy nights